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Is TOGAF® a pre-requisite for Certification in Architecture? By Simplilearn Last updated on Mar 18, 20213561 Is TOGAF a pre-requisite for Certification in Architecture? As time passes and technology becomes prominent in every business initiative, the need for more intelligent systems is constantly becoming the standard. Even in small start-ups, new business owners must have the resources needed to deploy computer systems that will allow them to compete aggressively with others in their industry. In order to accomplish their goals and objectives, they will need the expertise in-house or can avail from a third party source to build enterprise systems that will design systems that can assist them with both operational and administrative needs. The resources that they require will need the expertise to design enterprise systems that will remain relevant from the point of inception and for many years past its initial implementation. To develop professionals as per today’s demand, there is a standard requirement that must be met and this is becoming a staple in the industry among recruiters and their clients. Which means, enterprise architects that do not possess theTOGAF certification will be left behind without the skills and expertise that they need in order to be proficient in their craft. What is TOGAF? TOGAF is becoming well known in the industry as a standard in building and managing enterprise solutions. The acronym TOGAF, stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. Growing number of business clients who need new systems or system enhancements are currently looking for enterprise architect talent that possesses TOGAF certification. In various instances, many enterprise architect with years of experience in building large and complex enterprise systems are not chosen for company projects over TOGAF certified architects. As a result, the competition in this industry is high and aggressive for practicing enterprise architects, specifically for those who have not kept up with the most recent innovations in technical training. It is important to note that the number of enterprise architects that have TOGAF 9 certifications are increasing. Based on the current statistics, approximately 80 percent of the Fortune Top 50 companies around the world have already adopted the TOGAF standard. Because of this change, the enterprise architects who are currently working for commercial, government and non-profit organizations are expected to fulfill this require

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