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Everything You Need to Know About Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities By Naren Madan Last updated on Mar 24, 2021191934 Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities Agile methodologies are gaining significant enterprise traction in all industries. More flexible development models—including Scrum—have enabled companies to get products to market faster than ever, which is a must-have in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. In other words, greater flexibility in the process is now required to get quality products to market quickly to stay ahead of increasing pressure from competitors. To truly adopt agile Scrum methodologies and provide the deliverables the business requires, companies need to have a process expert at the helm. Before we proceed to the Scrum Master roles and responsibilities, let us explore the following topics in detail: - Understanding the basics of scrum - What is a scrum master? - Scrum master resposibilities - Various scrum master roles - Top qualities of a scrum master - How to become a scrum master Scrum in a Nutshell In short, Scrum methodology works like this: the product owner submits a request and the development team (led by a Scrum Master) breaks it down into smaller pieces, also known as “sprints.” Sprints consist of reiterative and collaborative development and testing procedures in a fast-paced environment and, ideally, create a more efficient product lifecycle. By using agile Scrum methodologies effectively, companies can produce a viable deliverable in two to four weeks. The Scrum Master is at the center of it all by coordinating project activities with business objectives.

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